Friday, October 16, 2009

Utility: Google Translate for International Communications

During a recent viewing of the developer video of Google Wave - which is going to change the way we all communicate and collaborate online, I saw them use an application with a Wave for translation between English and French.

I am happy to say, we don't need to wait for Google Wave to be released to translate in-between various languages.

You can check out Google Translate at:

This can be important to your cyber-jutsu. Especially if you are working with cyber-jutsu practitioners in other countries.


  1. Wow. I can see that as being extremely useful. The next step would be for google to have audio saying the translation. Similar to what Merriam-Webster does on

  2. That would be cool!

    I think the next best thing that I saw in the Google Wave video, was that while a person from France was typing in a Wave with one of the English speaking developers here in the US, the language was being translated on the fly.

    It actually needed to have the complete sentence before it did a good job, as I recall - but it was all just happening live.

    very coo.

    Thanks for the comment!