Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cyber-Jutsu Style: Free Music is Nice!

All work, and no play can make your cyber-jutsu rigid like the dance steps of a less than articulate automaton. Free Internet Music is a sure-fire way to keep you in the rhythm of things.

I recommend all cyber-jutsu practitioners check out Pandora internet radio at

Pandora is free to use through your browser, though they have also released a fee-based version which strips out the advertisements and provides a native windows and/or Macintosh application. The paid service cost $36/year. Some simple math shows us that their premium music service would only end up costing $3/month. There are a bunch of other reasons to purchase the premium membership - but I'll leave that up to them to convince you with.

In any case - I just created my own radio station based upon Generation X to listen to. This is pretty neat stuff! :)


Sensei Metajunkie

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