Friday, June 28, 2013

Install GPG on Mac OS X


We are working on getting a site up for

The plan is to have both free and premium screencasts to help folks learn how to survive in cyberspace. It will probably take us a while to get any premium content up. It may also take a while to get the site live.

In the mean time, as we start to create screencasts, we will publish them here.  They may not be as polished as we would like.  Sometimes information needs to be more current than polished.  For example, it is time to upgrade the Litecoin client, for those who use Litecoins (and we recommend that you do!)

The screencast linked below is a prerequisite to upgrading your Litecoin client. In this screencast, we go over installing GPG on Mac OS X.  Linux users will most likely already have gpg software installed, but this is not the case for Mac users.

I hope this video is helpful. It does include steps to verify the SHA1 digital fingerprint of the downloaded binary file to be used in the installation of GPGtools. It does not represent the lowest we will set the bar for learning. I intend to do some much more basic screencasts to help folks understand the basics of using Terminal and the BASH shell, for example.

In the mean time - please feel free to get your GPG on!

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