Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Definition: TMH is Too Much Help

 TMH:  Too Much Help

Every now and again we need to come up with new words to describe something in our ever-changing world.  In the Digital Age, we often use abbreviations.  Some abbreviations, such as "LOL", for "Laughing out Loud" and "BRB", for "Be Right Back" have moved from what we might call "geek-space" into everyday use.  Cell phones, and their ability to send text messages have spread these sort of practices far and wide.  This new abbreviation is derived from an already popular abbreviation used in verbal communications: "TMI", which stands for "Too Much Information".

Because many of us have become very impatient, as well as very reliant upon spell checkers, some "auto-correct" features have been built into many mobile phone text message clients.  The "auto-correct" features, as anyone who has used them will attest, sometimes offer "too much help". 

It is because of this shortcoming that I have the distinct honor of bringing you a new abbreviation.  TMH

TMH stands for too much help.  The reason it is a useful abbreviation is because the person who has become a victim of the helpful auto-correct feature is often oblivious to the fact that their text messages was auto-corrected into obscurity.

Here is an example text message session to illustrate the point:

Bridget:  we'd paper

Metajunkie: tmh

Bridget:  We need paper

Metajunkie: OK, I'll pick some up on way home

Here is another example text message:

Bridget:  Innuendo and her husband can't come out on Friday
Metajunkie:  Who is innuendo?
Bridget:  Bonnie
Metajunkie:  why do you call her innuendo?
Bridget:  tmh
Metajukie: oic

and one last one for good measure:

Bridget:  pick up milk
Metajunkie:  tmh?
Bridget: ha ha. no - really - pick up milk

I think we will all be able to put the abbreviation "tmh" to good use.

Happy texting!


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