Thursday, September 2, 2010

Book: Professional Penetration Testing (Purchased)

I'm reading a book I recently purchased, called Professional Penetration Testing.  I'm using this as a first try at using the tools available for Amazon Associates on Blogspot.  Feel free to hover over the image/link, and click for more information on the book.  I believe I only generate some sort of commission, when there is a sale.

I pledge to my readers never to offer products that I don't own myself.  I hope to give meaningful reviews of these products as well.

So far, my experience with Professional Penetration Testing is a positive one.  While I admit that the price tag is a little steep, you should understand that it comes with a DVD that contains not only instructional video, but also some system images to be used in training.  These images are suitable for loading into VMWare for example.

Another thing about the book that put it onto my "buy it now" list, is that in addition to covering the technical aspects of Penetration Testing, it also covers ethics as well as "the business" of Penetration Testing.

I hope you all don't get sick of this advertisement, but I'll keep posting it while I'm going through this book.  I know there is an awful lot of information that is redundant for me, personally.  That happens when you are at the stage of your career that I am in (I think they call it getting old).  There aren't many books I can pick up and not have to go through some amount of information that I'm already familiar with.  But this is as much a part of Cyber-Jutsu as anything else.  One needs to learn to dig through the proverbial weeds, in order to find the gems that will be useful.

Another really good reason for me to pick up this book, is that I expect that CyberCede, my company, will be hiring within the year.  I think this might be a great tool for my new recruits.  If you are in college and looking for a co-op position or if you recently graduated and desire a position as a entry/junior level information security analyst, drop me an email and/or shoot me your resume.  If you are eager to get started on this path - you might want to purchase this book (and keep your receipt).

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